Friday, May 26, 2017

Marketing for Nonprofits: "Ten Reasons to Build Your Online Connections"

In today's world it's literally a requirement for nonprofit organizations to establish a social presence, build your networks and work towards an active online community. Not only does that give you the chance to build your following for financial support and growth, but it allows you the opportunity to share progress reports, bring the reader into your daily tasks and challenges, and put images with what it is you do. Here are ten of my recent posts and tips for nonprofits from Facebook, Instagram and Google+ offering some great reasons to get out there and grow your connections!

If I had a dollar for every time I've heard phrases such as "we don't really have time", "maybe down the road", "perhaps if we really need it". Don't wait to set up social accounts until you have a big event coming up or are in urgent need of donations. Beginning now and building a strong following is a wise strategy!

Marketing isn't a bunch of magic or smoke and mirrors. Take the time to get to know your audience, be prepared to respond to comments and answer questions. Offering informative material and educational articles about what you do is a good way to encourage dialog.

I can't count how many times I've run into folks who tell me "but I don't want to appear as if I'm bragging" or boasting about our successes. Yes, I get that, but how else are they seeing your progress? Why would they want to support you financially if there's no updates on the type of work you have accomplished? Find a way to tell your stories in a genuine matter (without overly focusing on "I" or "we"), and share the positive side of what you have been able to solve or assist with.

"Ask less"...?? Yes. Craft your necessary needs into a few well-formed requests. Don't keep asking people to donate week after week -create several important times you will launch an important appeal. Invite followers to join you in being part of the team but do it wisely and don't wear out your welcome.

Far too often, the marketing aspect gets overlooked. Planning for the future means building a solid network and is critical for a nonprofit organization to stay afloat.

Marketing is ABSOLUTELY something that nonprofits need today - because it's where the people are. Don't miss the boat!

Transparency matters. Be open and honest about the mission, goals and focus of your organization. People don't support what they can't understand, and if something isn't clearly spelled out may abandon your cause altogether. Always be clear and upfront.

Above all, marketing is a process, a journey and an ongoing education. There's no magic fairy dust here! You get back out of this building process what you put into it, so plan on doing the work that is needed.

Remember that your social connections are built on genuine and sincere interactions. Repetitive, scheduled posts without any feeling or emotion to them are going to get less response than an update written from the heart.

Don't put it off. Competition online is increasing daily and there's no better time to get started.

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