Friday, May 26, 2017

Marketing for Nonprofits: "Ten Reasons to Build Your Online Connections"

In today's world it's literally a requirement for nonprofit organizations to establish a social presence, build your networks and work towards an active online community. Not only does that give you the chance to build your following for financial support and growth, but it allows you the opportunity to share progress reports, bring the reader into your daily tasks and challenges, and put images with what it is you do. Here are ten of my recent posts and tips for nonprofits from Facebook, Instagram and Google+ offering some great reasons to get out there and grow your connections!

If I had a dollar for every time I've heard phrases such as "we don't really have time", "maybe down the road", "perhaps if we really need it". Don't wait to set up social accounts until you have a big event coming up or are in urgent need of donations. Beginning now and building a strong following is a wise strategy!

Friday, January 6, 2017

It's a New Beginning: Thoughts on Starting a New Year

As we move into the new year, my head is spinning with topics of interest and material that seems so important to discuss and talk about. I'm very excited to have recently had some new opportunities to write and consider subjects relating to both business growth as well as nonprofit development and I look forward to sharing these with you! What interests you about the world of social media and marketing - are you looking for ways to tell the story of your decades of family history and local business involvement? Or perhaps you represent a nonprofit organization, working to educate the public on a particular cause? Share your thoughts here.

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Social Media Marketing for Regular People | "Content Matters"

Our #TOTW (topic of the week) for November 7th was about content. What IS quality content? Where can you find great material to disperse to your followers? And how do you share it with them? I set out on that Monday with high hopes. Surely people would be excited to discuss what makes up good content vs. awful content and so on, but sometimes we fall short on the discussions. (ha ha). And so I reverted to posting one or two graphics each day, with some thoughts I had to pass along. Here, all in one place, are some points about developing and distributing content that I felt are important to keep in mind.

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Hashtag #101 | What they do and how to use them

What ARE those words or sentence fragments you see everywhere? How is one word with a symbol in front of it beneficial to you or your new social connections? When you place the number symbol in front of a relevant keyword, you are creating a special "tag" which locates similar posts across all social networks. Breaking news, important dates, holidays and events are all topics which likely have certain words or phrases associated with them.

How to find out which words and terms are high on the popularity scale? Check out or go to the "trending" section of Twitter or Google+ to see more.

Social Media Marketing for Small Business: Ten Tips About Being Visible

Social media marketing is an ongoing process. You can't expect to have the same customers forever. Over time the market changes, people age and move away, leading to a decrease in your core of business users. Ensuring that you are staying relevant with an active approach will serve to put you in front of new markets and different audiences over and over again. This interaction is critical for growth, awareness and public perception of your company and here are ten tips we have found useful.

"Making sure that your company is represented online" means that it can be easily found. It should come up on search engines under a variety of listings, especially if you are well-connected across different networks.


Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Marketing for Animal Shelters and Rescues (Part I): Social Media Overview

Part one of marketing/tips for animal welfare organizations is a brief overview of what such channels can do for you. In our world today, as more and more people turn to online sites for interaction, news and daily connections, it's important for you to have a presence too. Don't miss the boat by assuming that social media is just for businesses and big companies; any opportunity to build and grow a following and establish relationships with the community is important.

Local community groups and nonprofit organizations are always looking for ways to promote themselves. Whether you're in charge of a food drive, getting the adoptable animals in front of the public or hosting a big fundraiser, being able to get the word out and engage and connect with your online audience is important.